Hand-Making Duplexer Loops for Converting DB4060 and DB4062 Duplexers to 2 Meter “-B” Model

At DuplexerRepair.com, we convert a lot of the Decibel Products / dbSpectra DB4062 VHF from higher frequency VHF models (“-C” model designator, 154-174 MHz range) to 2-Meter Ham / Amateur Radio operating range (“-B” model designator, 143-156 MHz range.)

A finished, hand crafted “-B” loop, ready for installation in a loop assembly for conversion to Ham/Amateur Radio operating range.

Conversion to the “-B” model requires replacing half of the loops (2 loops in a DB4060 set, and three loops in a DB4062 set) with loops of the proper length. The required conversion loops are hand-made from stock, 30-mil copper right here in the labs of DuplexerRepair.

Starting with the copper stock, the copper is cut to proper size, then meticulously cleaned and polished. Then, the copper strips have to be marked, drilled, and properly shaped.

30-mil copper cut to the proper length and width for turning into -B conversion loops.

We just thought you might like to see some photos of how they look when they’re finished and ready to go into loop assemblies. What you are seeing in these photos is a batch which was just finished this morning in order to fill a couple of pending orders/jobs.

The latest batch of hand-crafted loops, ready for use.

This is a time and labor intensive process, but it’s worth it in the end, resulting in the duplexers actually performing to (usually better than) factory specifications for the -B model.