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We could talk all day about how wonderful it is to take care of clients and their duplexers and filters, but perhaps it’s important to you to find out what our clients themselves have to say about the services they’ve received? And if you would like to share something about your experience, here’s the place to do so. We welcome your comments!

Recent feedback received from a client in Florida, who purchased a set of Motorola UHF Duplexers which we had reconditioned and tuned for their use on their Fusion repeater:

“Got the duplexers hooked up yesterday and what a difference it made from the old Wacom cans we had on it. Right off the bat we gained 3 watts more out of the Duplexers and receive got better too. I can actually make a contact to the repeater from my office building that is full of double pane tinted glass on low power with the HT. Note the repeater is about 15 miles from my office 300 feet up on a commercial tower.” ~ S.C./Florida


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  1. I contacted Dan from doing research on tuning my duplexers for UHF and 223mhz Ham repeaters. I contacted Dan and he was very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. I mailed my duplexers via FedEx and he got them 2 days later and kept me in the loop with all he had done to repair one pair and retuning both pairs along with some band pass cavities. Dan not only is very knowledgeable and friendly, he takes the time to give you detailed information and doesn’t feel rushed to get off the phone with his customers. He had everything done and returned shipped within 2 days and when I received my cavities, there was a detailed report of the pre and post tuning results. I placed my repeater back on the air with the re-tuned duplexers and wow!!! Its amazing what a difference makes getting them properly tuned and inline with professional equipment! I have told many in the local ham clubs about Dan and if anyone is having de-sense issues, Dan is the MAN!!

    Thanks so much Dan for you help and Amazing Customer Service!


  2. I had a Motorola T1500a duplexer sitting in my garage as a back up for one of my repeaters. As it was not yet tuned I figured it would be wise to do so ensuring it would be ready to go on a moment’s notice. Starting the process I was disappointed to find many skips and bumps as I began tuning the pass frequencies and almost total inability to achieve the depth of notch these units are known for. It was obvious to me the duplexer needed a good cleaning and possibly a few parts; a task I knew I could handle but not a task I had time for.

    After a brief Internet search I came across Dan, KK4ICE, advertising his services. Knowing nothing about him I struck up an email exchange and did some digging around the net myself until I was convinced he was the guy for me. I was not disappointed!

    Dan provided all the info needed to get the duplexer to him, confirmed receipt and provided both photos and videos of the work in progress. His turn around time was amazing and the final tuning was spot on. Dan sent screen shots of the tuning process which I confirmed with my own SA upon return.

    Overall service, communication, and documentation of the transaction and work process is impeccable. I highly recommend Dan and will certainly use him again when any of my duplexers require refurbishment.

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