Used & Reconditioned Equipment For Sale

Used and Reconditioned Duplexers, Filters, and Other Equipment Available for Purchase

Note: we will consider trade-ins of non-working equipment toward the purchase of these items. Call us at (334) 787-9005 if you are interested in this option.

COMING SOON: G.E. Mastr II 70 cm / UHF Repeater System, custom configured and tested right here in the lab. Will include:

  • G.E. Mastr II Repeater with 125 Watt Continuous Duty Final Amplifier
  • NHRC-2 Repeater Controller
  • Communications Specialists (Comm Spec) TS-32 CTCSS/PL Tone Decoder
  • Sinclair Q3220E Res-Lok 4-Cavity Duplexer
  • G.E./Ericsson Heavy Duty Power Supply
  • G.E. Rack Mount Enclosure with Covers and Locks
  • Andrews/Decibel Products DB420 16-Element Repeater Antenna (minus tower mounts)

The above repeater is currently configured for 444.725(+) frequency pair. Will recrystal to buyer’s specifications, realign the repeater for maximum performance at the new frequency, and precisely tune the duplexer set for a nominal additional fee plus the cost of crystals, or buyer may furnish G.E. ICOMs with correct crystals for installation and tuning.

Demand has been high lately. Between that and the fact the prices on used and reconditioned equipment at are very reasonable, things have sold FAST. We do have a few 2-Meter / VHF Notching Filters we try to keep in inventory for emergency situations. If you are in need of a particular piece of equipment, give us a call or email us and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll do our best to be on the lookout for it.