Used & Reconditioned Equipment For Sale

Used and Reconditioned Duplexers, Filters, and Other Equipment Available for Purchase

Note: we will consider trade-ins of non-working equipment toward the purchase of these items. Call us at (334) 787-9005 if you are interested in this option.

  • 2-Meter, 4-Cavity Decibel Products Duplexer Set To Be Available for Purchase Soon!

We are about to do the conversion of a 4-cavity set of Decibel Products DB4060-WC-C (154-174 MHz) duplexers into a DB4060-WC-B model (143-156 MHz) ideal for use on 2-Meter Amateur Radio repeaters. They are already disassembled down to every single nut, screw, washer, etc. and will be undergoing a full refurbishing and performance testing. This set of duplexers will be for sale for only $400, which will include precise tuning to the buyer’s frequency pair, along with a full performance verification report showing their performance as tuned and ready for the buyer to install. They won’t sit around or collect any dust when they’re done — reconditioned and performance-verified duplexers from stay in high demand. If you or your club are interested in this set, we recommend you contact us as soon as possible. We will not ship these, so the buyer must arrange to pick them up in the Auburn/Opelika area. You can contact us at service(at_sign), or by telephone at (334) four-four-four-6796.

Demand for equipment seems to stay pretty high. Between that and the fact the prices on used and reconditioned equipment at are very reasonable, things sell FAST. We do have a few cavities and filters we try to keep in inventory for emergency situations and will consider letting one or more of those go if you have an emergency need (depending on our ability to spare one at the time of your request. If you are in need of a particular piece of equipment, give us a call or email us and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll do our best to be on the lookout for it.