Preferred Manufacturers

This Page contains a list of equipment manufacturers with which has established a working relationship AND we know they manufacture very high quality products!

EMR Corp Logo from Website

17431 N. 25th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85023
Tel: 623.581.2875
Toll-free: 800.796.2875

Manufacturer of Quality RF Peripherals, from Amplifiers, Antennas, Filters and Isolators to complete Combining Networks; In-Building BDA/UDA’s.  IP Based Power Monitoring.

For over 37 years, EMR Corporation has manufactured a complete line of amplifiers – OEM RFPA’s, HPA’s & LNA’s; bandpass, pass-reject, and lowpass filters; RF isolators, system combining and monitoring systems, along with our comprehensive In-Building Systems (DAS) offerings including BDA’s, UDA’s, splitters, dividers, line-taps and indoor antennas.