Service Photos & Docs

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2021-03-28 Motorola CLD1220A VHF Preselectors (2) Units
(Includes S/N: CAE0010P6R and S/N: Y409CQ0383)
Retune and test each preselector

2021-03-28 Wacom WP-641 VHF Duplexer, S/N: 5280
Retune and test

2021-03-02 Motorola CLD1220A VHF Preselector, S/N: Y409CJ487R
Tune to new frequency (single-channel operation) and test

2021-01-21 Decibel Products DB4062-WC-B VHF Duplexer, S/N: D58313
Tune and test duplexer

2021-01-17 Wacom WP-641 4-Cavity VHF Duplexer, S/N: 5280
Tune and test duplexer

2021-01-11 VHF Mobile/Compact Duplexer Svc. ID # 20180929-1
Retune duplexer to new frequency pair and test

2020-11-22 Celwave 526-4-2 UHF Duplexer, S/N: 36532
Retune and test duplexer

2020-11-21 Motorola UHF Duplexer, STN: 20201121A
Fine-tune and test duplexer

2020-08-10 Celwave UHF 0185417U05 UHF Duplexer, S/N: 200089-244
Tune and test duplexer, with more in-depth Smith Chart impedance testing
and testing under transmitter power

2020-05-29 Telewave TPRD-1556 VHF Duplexer, S/N: 23378
TuneĀ  and test duplexer

2020-05-29 Celwave 0185417U05 UHF Duplexer, S/N: M152974-009
Tune and test duplexer

2020-05-14 Telewave TPRD-1556 VHF Duplexer, S/N: 23197
Tune and test duplexer

2020-02-20 Celwave TDN7407A UHF Mobile/Compact Duplexer, S/N: M264319-050
Tune and test duplexer

2020-02-20 RFS RFE4000A UHF Mobile/Compact Duplexer, S/N: V219596-100
Tune and test duplexer

2020-02-15 Celwave WIJD860-5S 5-Channel 800 MHz Combiner, S/N: 102056-002
Tune and test combiner

2020-02-13 Celwave 5044-8-1 800 MHz Bandpass Filter, S/N: 102080-003
Tune and test bandpass filter.

2020-02-05 Fiplex DVN1533L VHF Duplexer, S/N: FU14030002
TuneĀ  and test duplexer.

2020-02-05 Fiplex DVN4522L UHF Duplexer, S/N: FU14070532
Tune and test duplexer.

2019-11-25 Celwave 5079MDS 900 MHz Duplexer, S/N: 05-90-C296
Tune and test duplexer.

2019-11-15 Sinclair 6-Cavity UHF Duplexer, S/N: CC60891-1-5-16
Tune and test duplexer.

2019-10-01 Sinclair Q3220E 4-Cavity UHF Duplexer, S/N: CC31618-2-2
Tune and test duplexer.

2019-08-05 Sinclair Q2330 6-Cavity VHF Duplexer, S/N: 935408-1-1
Tune and test duplexer.

2019-07-30 EMR Corp. 6531-0/SB-4 UHF Bandpass Filter, S/N: 150626-015
Tune and test bandpass filter.

2019-07-30 RFS 633-6A-2N UHF Duplexer, S/N: 80021183-498
Tune and test duplexer.

2019-06-20 RFS RFE4000A UHF Mobile/Compact Duplexer, S/N: V219586-100
Tune and test duplexer.

2019-06-20 Celwave 633-6A-2N UHF Mobile/Compact Duplexer, S/N: 24855-1-010
Test and tune new duplexer.

2019-06-08 Quintron Digicap Exciter for Paging System, S/N: 9695E1006
Full alignment and testing of digital paging system exciter in preparation for installation in one of the sites/systems operated by a client.

2019-06-07 Celwave 633-6A-2 UHF Mobile/Compact Duplexer, S/N: V145563-043
Check tuning and performance under power. Client expressed concern over amount of power being lost through the low pass (Tx) branch. Improved after fine-tuning.

2019-06-06 Sinclair Q-201G 6-Cavity VHF Duplexer in Cabinet, S/N: (222)6030
Retuned to new frequencies per client specifications and tested.

2019-05-30 Celwave TDN7407A Mobile/Compact Duplexer, S/N: M264319-050
Retuned to new frequencies per client specifications and tested.

2019-05-22 RFS Corporation WIJD862-06SSP 6-Channel 800 MHz Combiner, S/N: 312566-001
Retuned to new frequencies/channels per client specifications and tested.

2019-05-17 PROCOM DBPB 70/3333-TETRA-N-5 UHF Tetra Duplexer, S/N: Not Available
Retuned for client due to poor performance on lowest channel of their five channel system.

2019-05-14 EMR Corporation 5044-8-5 Bandpass/Window Filter, S/N: 101202-004
Retuned for client as part of Tx combiner/Rx multicoupler system

2019-05-13 Celwave 497 VHF Duplexer, S/N: 13677
Repaired damaged threads on notch/reject tuning rod assembly, tuned, and tested.

2019-05-12 Wacom WP-678-R1 UHF Duplexer, S/N: 23272/18526-17420
Retuned and Tested

2019-04-17 Jiesai SGQ-150D Mobile/Compact VHF Duplexer, S/N: 160101579
Retuned and tested.

2019-04-06 RFS 633-6A-2N Mobile/Compact UHF Duplexer, S/N: 80015534-951
Replaced broken/missing N-connector and missing tuning slug and retaining nut.
Tuned to 458.000/463.000 MHz frequency pair and tested following repairs.

2019-03-28 Motorola T-1504A UHF Duplexer, No S/N Available
Tuned and tested (for W4CTK)

2019-03-25 Motorola T-1504A UHF Duplexer, No S/N Available
Tuned and tested (for KC4OJS)

2019-03-25 Tx Rx Systems / Bird RF 28-66-02B UHF Duplexer, S/N: 59138-A
Tuned and tested.

2019-02-27 Sinclair Q2330 6-Cavity VHF Duplexer, S/N: CC31901-1-1
Disassembled, four capacitors replaced, reassembled, tuned, and tested.

2019-02-25 Wacom WP-678 UHF 4-Cavity Duplexer, S/N: 6600A

2019-02-22 WFAZ FM 90.9 Nautel VS2.5 Broadcast Transmitter Repair
Lightning had damaged some of the Power Amplifier (PA) Modules and the power combiner network in the transmitter.

2019-02-20 Tune & Test RFS Model 0185417U05 UHF Duplexer, S/N: 13938-889

2019-02-18 Tune & Test RFS 633-6A-2N UHF Duplexer, S/N: 80040177-131

2019-02-18 Tune & Test RFS RFE4000A UHF Duplexer, S/N: 80001602-495

2019-02-18 Tune & Test RFS RFE4000A UHF Duplexer, S/N: M321215-040

2019-02-15 Repair and Re-Start of Harris HT20CD 21KW FM Transmitter for WRLD 95.3 FM
Transmitter had automatically shut down due to failure of phase detector relay module. Station operated on backup transmitter during the downtime of this transmitter.

2019-02-14 WACQ 98.5 FM Marti STL Receiver and Antenna Realignment and Translator Broadcast Startup
Marti STL Receiver for the station’s new 98.5 FM translator needed realigning due to STL frequency change. The STL receive antenna at the site could not previously be aligned for peak signal strength, and the translator was not yet broadcasting due to lack of STL signal to drive the broadcast transmitter. Station/translator began broadcasting station programming at approximately 12:55 p.m.

2019-01-27 Repair and Retune Wacom WP-678-R2 UHF Duplexer, S/N: 14549-E
Sent in for repair because duplexer would overheat and stop passing RF on the Low Pass side (used as Tx side on GMRS repeater) during high duty cycle repeater use. A final P.A. had been damaged as a result. Diagnosed as failing Johanson capacitors. Replaced capacitors and duplexer tested great after repeated and extended application of around 75 Watts of transmitter power. SWR, isolation, and Insertion Loss improved and duplexer assembly is performing better than factory specifications after repair and retuning.

2019-01-23 Tuning and Testing of RFS TDE7780A Mobile/Compact Duplexer, S/N: V177557A-030. Sent in for testing/repair/tuning due to severe problems on receive side of duplexer. Problem turned out to be a tuning issue: the SWR was extremely high in the Low Pass Branch (the owner’s Tx branch) which was causing massive Tx energy to reflect over to the High Pass Branch (the Rx branch in this user’s application), severely desensing the receiver.

2018-12-22 Repair of Quintron QT-4201 Paging Transmitter S/N 10740E1062, Which Had Begun To Only Intermittently Transmit (Note: the QT-4201 is essentially the same as the QT-4501, except for the transmit frequency range.)

2018-12-14 Termination and Sweep-Testing of 200′ of Belden 8214 Coaxial Cable with PL259 Connector Prior To Installation On New Tower

2018-12-12 Terminating 550′ of RFS LCF158 Cellflex 1-5/8″ Corrugated Coax Feedline with RFS NF-LCF1580D01 Female N-Type Connector Prior To Installation On New Tower

2018-12-05 Repair and Conversion of DB Products / DBSpectra -004 Loop Assemblies and Enclosures to -005, for Conversion of DB4062 Duplexer to DB4062-WOC-B (143-156) MHz Model

2018-11-14 RFS RFE4000A Duplexer, 80003536-019, Retuned and Tested

2018-10-05 Motorola T1504A Duplexer 274CFA0019, Overhauled, Tuned, and Tested

2018-10-03 Mobile/Compact Duplexer Svc. I.D. 20181003-01, Retuned and Tested

2018-09-29 Mobile/Compact Duplexers, Retuned and Tested
(Above document includes Duplexer Service ID’s 20180929-01 thru 20180929-03)

2018-09-14 Decibel Products DB4062 Conversion, Overhaul, Repair, Tune, Test

2018-09-09 Decibel Products DB4062 Conversion, Overhaul, Repair, Tune, Test

2018-07-26 Decibel Products DB4613-1A VHF Isolator w/Celwave High Power Load

2018-07-01 Decibel Products DB4062 Duplexer Cap Replacement, Tuning, Testing

2018-06-23 EMR Corporation 02515 UHF Preselector & Preamp Combination

2018-06-21 RFS 636-6A-2N UHF Mobile/Compact Duplexer

2018-06-21 RFS HFE8459A UHF Bandpass Filter Assembly

2018-06-16 Decibel Products DB4062 VHF Duplexer

2018-06-11 Phelps-Dodge Model 526SR Duplexer

2018-05-01, (5) EMR Corporation UHF Mobile/Compact Duplexers

2018-04-26, Motorola T-1504 UHF Duplexer (AI6BX)

2018-03-27, Motorola T-1504 UHF Duplexer

2018-03-07, Wacom 678 UHF Duplexer, S/N: 6820A

2018-03-06, Motorola 0185417U05 UHF Duplexer, S/N: Y4099KM321
* Note, this duplexer was manufactured by RFS/Celwave, model # PD526-4-2
and sourced by Motorola for use in Quantar and Quantro stations/systems

2018-03-05, DB Products GE-P1 (DB4076) UHF Duplexer, S/N: DS9353-2

2018-02-28, Sinclair Q2330E Duplexers, S/N: CC81624-1-1

2018-01-29, EMR 65316-1 UHF Duplexers, S/N: 100930-005

2017-11-26, Telewave TPRD-1554 VHF/2M Duplexers, S/N: 21932

2017-11-26, Telewave TWPC-1508 VHF Bandpass Cavity, S/N: 712

2017-11-20, GE/DB Products UHF Duplexer, S/N: D71655-4