Service Photos & Docs

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2018-12-22 Repair of Quintron QT-4201 Paging Transmitter S/N 10740E1062, Which Had Begun To Only Intermittently Transmit (Note: the QT-4201 is essentially the same as the QT-4501, except for the transmit frequency range.)

2018-12-14 Termination and Sweep-Testing of 200′ of Belden 8214 Coaxial Cable with PL259 Connector Prior To Installation On New Tower

2018-12-12 Terminating 550′ of RFS LCF158 Cellflex 1-5/8″ Corrugated Coax Feedline with RFS NF-LCF1580D01 Female N-Type Connector Prior To Installation On New Tower

2018-12-05 Repair and Conversion of DB Products / DBSpectra -004 Loop Assemblies and Enclosures to -005, for Conversion of DB4062 Duplexer to DB4062-WOC-B (143-156) MHz Model

2018-11-14 RFS RFE4000A Duplexer, 80003536-019, Retuned and Tested

2018-10-05 Motorola T1504A Duplexer 274CFA0019, Overhauled, Tuned, and Tested

2018-10-03 Mobile/Compact Duplexer Svc. I.D. 20181003-01, Retuned and Tested

2018-09-29 Mobile/Compact Duplexers, Retuned and Tested
(Above document includes Duplexer Service ID’s 20180929-01 thru 20180929-03)

2018-09-14 Decibel Products DB4062 Conversion, Overhaul, Repair, Tune, Test

2018-09-09 Decibel Products DB4062 Conversion, Overhaul, Repair, Tune, Test

2018-07-26 Decibel Products DB4613-1A VHF Isolator w/Celwave High Power Load

2018-07-01 Decibel Products DB4062 Duplexer Cap Replacement, Tuning, Testing

2018-06-23 EMR Corporation 02515 UHF Preselector & Preamp Combination

2018-06-21 RFS 636-6A-2N UHF Mobile/Compact Duplexer

2018-06-21 RFS HFE8459A UHF Bandpass Filter Assembly

2018-06-16 Decibel Products DB4062 VHF Duplexer

2018-06-11 Phelps-Dodge Model 526SR Duplexer

2018-05-01, (5) EMR Corporation UHF Mobile/Compact Duplexers

2018-04-26, Motorola T-1504 UHF Duplexer (AI6BX)

2018-03-27, Motorola T-1504 UHF Duplexer

2018-03-07, Wacom 678 UHF Duplexer, S/N: 6820A

2018-03-06, Motorola 0185417U05 UHF Duplexer, S/N: Y4099KM321
* Note, this duplexer was manufactured by RFS/Celwave, model # PD526-4-2
and sourced by Motorola for use in Quantar and Quantro stations/systems

2018-03-05, DB Products GE-P1 (DB4076) UHF Duplexer, S/N: DS9353-2

2018-02-28, Sinclair Q2330E Duplexers, S/N: CC81624-1-1

2018-01-29, EMR 65316-1 UHF Duplexers, S/N: 100930-005

2017-11-26, Telewave TPRD-1554 VHF/2M Duplexers, S/N: 21932

2017-11-26, Telewave TWPC-1508 VHF Bandpass Cavity, S/N: 712

2017-11-20, GE/DB Products UHF Duplexer, S/N: D71655-4