Cool Tuning Job – RFS Corporation WIJD862-06SSP 6-Channel 800 MHz Combiner

At, all tuning and service/repair jobs are taken seriously, but now and then an especially interesting item rolls into the lab for service. In this instance it was an RFS Corporation model WIJD862-05SSP 6-Channel, 800 MHz combiner. After retuning for a

RFS Corporation WIJD862-06SSP 6-Channel, 800 MHz transmitter combiner.

change of frequencies/channel for the client, this 83 pound beast is nicely outperforming the factory specifications. It’s a rather impressive piece of communications hardware, although I have found RFS equipment to perform well in every instance.

Even after taking a good lick, it performs as expected — and better

This one actually survived an apparent drop or impact to one corner of the box during shipment which had to be a pretty good “lick,” because it totally

The isolator mounting flange/handle showed evidence of a pretty good drop or hit during shipping, but the performance is still excellent.

bent one of the heavy gauge metal isolator mounting flanges (which doubles as a lifting handle.) Even after taking this hit, the combiner is performing great — better than factory specifications, in fact.

If you’d like to see for yourself just how well this thing performs, just click on this link to view the performance report which includes network analyzer graphs and photos of the unit and the mechanical damage which occurred during shipping.

Tuning one of these takes considerably longer than even a multi-cavity duplexer assembly, and it’s much more involved. But it’s actually a blast to do and it sure feels nice when you finish the work and see just how great it performs. Only thing is: after you move this heavy thing around it’s a bit tempting to add a line item to the client’s invoice — the cost of a trip to a chiropractor or a masseuse.